Taxpayer Travel Fund

Taxpayer Travel Fund

Bailing out insurance companies.

Imagine an unmarked airplane containing $400 M in cash landing in a foreign country in the middle of the night without Congressional approval at the very moment four hostages are released to America. Then think about the press conference by our Commander-in-Chief who could barely suppress his smile while explaining why this cold cash was suddenly owed to a hostile country.

Now imagine another similarly endowed stealth plane secretly dropping off funds to all the health insurance companies who so bravely and out of the goodness of their hearts agreed to participate in the Affordable Care Act. Oh, how the insurance companies were licking their chops over the prospect of ObamaCare. After all, they’d get tons of healthy new patients. In addition, all the extra perks required by the law allowed them to raise loyal client rates and monumentally alter medical coverage. The clincher was Obama’s promise hidden in the law that there would be a bailout to insurers if they lost money on ObamaCare. Their losses would be paid for by, yup, the taxpayers.

Not unexpectedly, United HealthCare and now Aetna report millions and millions of dollars in losses over ObamaCare. Let’s all shed a tear for these institutions of greed. This is where I implore you to read a commentary by Senator Marco Rubio in the Wall Street Journal.* Early on he raised the alarm about bailing out health insurers and worked to revoke this part of the law. Each year since its inception Congress has voted to block funding for an insurance bailout. This is the one Obama promise we hope he can’t keep. But don’t put it past him to circumnavigate the legal system and drop the money off in the middle of the night.

Clear the runway. Velocity two.

August 6, 2016

  • Wall Street Journal: Opinion: Marco Rubio: ObamaCare: A Crony Capitalist’s Best Friend
    May 24, 2016, 7:14 ET