We accept the following insurances:
Please note that as of September 1, 2023 the office will not be participating in any Johns Hopkins Health Plans except for Tricare. This is solely due to unexplained changes in the Johns Hopkins Health Plan policies. It was not a conscious decision by this office. Our best advice is for you to call Johns Hopkins and ask for names of alternative Pediatric Ophthalmologists.

Although we do not participate in United HealthCare, Cigna or Aetna, there may be cross coverage through Multi-Plan as long as you have out of network benefits. If your visit is for eye disease and not routine, we will submit the medical claim to the insurance company for you. In most cases, we accept the approved amount determined by your insurance plan.

This list of insurances may periodically change, and it is best if you call ahead of time to determine our participation and the types of ophthalmic services covered. Please remember that insurance companies do not cover routine ophthalmic services even if we participate with your insurance plan.

I regret to inform those enrolled in Priority Partners and Amerigroup that this office no longer participates in these plans. Please call or send an email to the doctor who will help you get the care you need.

We do not participate in any “Vision Plans” such as VSP, Davis, Block or Blue View Vision which may be a separate rider on your insurance card. These vision plans will pay for routine care (complete eye examinations and refractions) only when rendered by participating optometrists. Please note therefore that fees for comprehensive eye examinations or refractions are out of pocket at this office.

All co-pays and non-covered refraction or complete eye exam fees are due on the date of service. If your health plan requires a paper or electronic referral, your child cannot be examined until this paperwork is in our office. We try to anticipate most insurance requirements prior to your visit, but ultimately it is the patient’s responsibility to know his or her benefits.