Good Morning America

Good Morning America

Congressional members are exempt.

Good morning America. Welcome to four more years of taxpayer funded presidential golf games and no chance of repealing Obamacare. What we needed in 2009 was sensible reform of health care insurance to keep down the cost of medical care. Instead we got a massive 2000 page document, unread by any of the officials who signed it into law, that effectively gives the government financial and administrative control of health care in America. We are finding this out as each new piece of the law is finally brought to light just as Nancy Pelosi predicted.

Think about this. The bill was passed through a completely partisan vote. This means that the representatives of at least 50% of the people in America were opposed to this bill. Furthermore, all polls indicate that the percentage of people who oppose Obamacare is much greater than 50%. After passage of the bill, arbitrary exemptions were granted to some large companies. Believe it or not, the very representatives who threw this bill at us – – our President and Congress – – are exempt from participating in this so called “health care” bill.

So now that the country has shown its support for the expensive Obamacare package by reelecting those that would not want anything to do with it personally, we can look forward to a massive increase in health care costs, taxes and the national debt.

November 7, 2012