Practice Building

What does it take?

I’m writing to you with less than 2 months to go until 11/3/2020 at a time when my office by freedom of choice is temporarily closed. My solo practice was built from scratch. I took out the loan, bought the equipment, and opened the front door. As I’ve mentioned before, kind and brilliant doctors taught me patient care by example starting with medical school, and I am blessed with a dear family.

Did I build this on my own?

In 2012 we small business owners were told, “you didn’t build that,” by none other than the then President of the United States. Wow. I realize that I run my own medical practice thanks to living in a country where the Founding Fathers came together to declare us free with the chance to pursue happiness. Of course, this freedom comes with rules of conduct which is where the government fits in. And so I have obtained the proper licenses, office insurances, and pay my business and payroll taxes. I roll with every capricious rule change in insurance coding related to billing and the other expensive regulations non-medical people impose on me and my colleagues. The government is there in the background, but it surely didn’t build my practice.

I think I built it, but actually the patients did.

September 17, 2020